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These are real questions I’ve answered over the years. If you have one that’s not answered, ask me here.

Top Question

Are you related to Opitz Outlet?

No. None of my family is from Minnesota; I was born and raised in Illinois.

Usually Followed By

What is Rribbitz?

Rribbitz Creative Communications LLC is the company I founded in 2009. Hire Rribbitz or Kim Opitz – you get the same person.

Where does "Rribbitz" come from?

It’s a multi-faceted story, linked to my grandfather’s sense of humor and “taking a leap” to launch my own business. A leap of faith, leap of the imagination, leap of joy. I love all sorts of leaps, and “Rribbitz” represents the energy I put into my work.

Can I see your work?

I don’t put samples online, especially since my most recent work involves strategy development and writing for c-suite initiatives. I can easily point you to a wide range of websites and content strategy that I developed, but I don’t share that unless it’s relevant to your inquiry. If you contact me about your project opportunity, I’m happy to share samples and references with you in person or via email.

And Sometimes These

Do you do design?

No. But I can refer you to someone who does.

Do you know WordPress?

Yes. But I won’t create a site, I’ll just manage the content on it.

You're certified as both a Women’s Business Enterprise and a Woman-Owned Small Business. Why?

Larger companies often have supplier diversity programs: a business strategy that encourages the use of diverse resources. Their clients may also require them to work with diverse suppliers (minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, LGBT-owned).

These certifications send two messages:

(1) my company meets these certification standards and has been through a significant vetting process.

(2) by hiring me for projects, your company satisfies diverse supplier requirements.

My certifications as a women-owned business and women-owned small business are current and valid through March 2019.

Do you have partners?

I work with very select partners, mostly colleagues or clients I’ve had in the past. It takes time to build trust, understand someone’s work ethic, and know what you can count on them to deliver.

Do you hire freelancers?

On occasion, I hire freelancers for writing or research assistance. I require high self-management skills, confidentiality and responsiveness of anyone I bring on to serve my clients.

Do you offer pro bono work or a non-profit rate?

If I do pro bono work, it’s because I connect with someone’s mission and offer my services. I do not adjust my rate for non-profits.

Hi, I'd like to join your network on LinkedIn!

That’s great. Tell me more about yourself first.

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