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Business Writing

Thoughtful, clear writing for B2B marketing, PR and internal communication.

Change Management

Internal communication for business growth and transition.

Crisis Management

Statement preparation for critical business events.

Executive Profiles

Bios for websites, proposals and other business communication.

Press Releases

New product introductions, company announcements, and other media releases.


Strategic writing for new business development.

Talent Acquisition

Internal and external materials for attracting and retaining talent.

Creative Services

Marketing strategy and tactics, developed and executed.

Brand voice and positioning

Defining your brand's tone, character and story relative to its competition.

Content strategy

Connecting your brand identity, website, social presence and customer experience.


Creating consistent, effective messaging for print and digital tactics.

Executive Research

Strategic research and insights for c-suite decision makers and investment firms.

Acquisition Insights

For investment firms seeking in-depth review of potential acquisitions.

Position for Sale

For business leaders preparing to position a company for sale.

Growth Strategies

For companies looking to invest in business intelligence, data science, or global digital strategies.

Proudly providing executive research services to THINC B2B Digital Marketing and Management Consultants since 2015.

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